Mandelic Acid 5% Toner

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Our formula rapidly exfoliates dead skin cells and surface debris from the skin, while ingredients such as apple and green tea extracts provide antioxidant protection for your face. These extracts are naturally rich in antioxidants, which have cell-protecting functions as well. Our Mandelic formula is gentle enough to use daily and provides skin care benefits for oily, acneic, dull and aging skin.

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Mandelic Serum 5% is gentler for skin than most other acid-based exfoliation products. These particular acids are still very effective and fantastic for daily use. Oily and pigmented skin from acne will see clear benefits.

Skin Type:

Normal to Oily.


After cleansing, apply to clean skin and allow to dry.  Use moisturizer afterward.   Use day and /or night.  It is recommended that prior to exposure to the sun, users cover areas where AHAs have been applied with sunscreen.

Active Ingredients:

  • Mandelic Acid
  • Phytic Acid
  • Apple Extract
  • Green Tea Extract


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